The technology that helps keep women safe on the streets

Half of all women sometimes feel safe walking alone in the dark, according to recent figures from the National Statistics Office.

They can call a friend, share their location on WhatsApp, or have their own keys nearby, all staying safe. Sexual harassment against women has been in the limelight most of the year, with women across the UK using their methods to feel better when they go out at night. How could technology play a role in enabling women to feel safer in our streets?

With the deaths of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, the WalkSafe app has grown in popularity and is now the fastest-growing security app in the UK.

Founder Emma Kaye arrives at the concept after being boiled, groping and blinking.

“Our app is really bittersweet because, of course, we love to be busy. But we really don’t want to be. No one wants to live in a world where app security is needed, but sadly there is room for it,” he said.

WalkSafe will have a new satellite navigation feature early next year, which will include a live map where your family and friends can track your journey and talk with you in real time. For now, its only selling point is a map that allows people to plan their safest home routes by inspecting recent crime data.

Kaye said: “Our app encourages people to take precautions to avoid crime, rather than take reactionary measures when they detect mishap.

“We have records of crimes committed by the Metropolitan Police and analysts who review this data and are willing to disclose information to the user about it.” By keeping crime patterns, users can identify crime hotspots to train safer roads. ”

Since its launches in March this year, the application has surpassed 560,000 downloads.

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